sábado, 12 de janeiro de 2013

Download: [CD] Michael Jackson - From The Michael's Mind (Fanmade)

Qualidade: 10
Tamanho:  87 Mb
Formato: MP3
Servidor: SlingFile

Download: clique aqui

Set list:

  1. One More Chance (The Making Of).
  2. This Is It Re-Edited.
  3. Like Stranger In Moscow (In The Mind Of Michael).
  4. Billie Jean (Electric Moments).
  5. There Must Be More Life Than This & Hold My Hand (Michael Edited Version Mind).
  6. Beat it & Bad (Cassette Problems).
  7. A Place With No Name (The Lost Tapes Reaharsals).
  8. How To Write A Song (From Michael).
  9. Street Tendence (Michael's Urbans Rythms).
  10. Somebodys Watching Me (From The Mind Of Michael For The Paparazzis).
  11. Thriller (Immortal In The Mind Of Michael).
  12. The Collector Of Memories.
  13. Forever In My Heart(By ishar Jackson).
  14. L.O.V.E (By Ishar Jackson)

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